channeled message about angelic merkabas

"Angelic Merkabas capture and dissipate sequenced enery. They offer physical beings an embryonic connection to the angelic realm. Magnetized light beams are super imposed within the physical structure of the Merkaba. Light, sound and energy activate the frequencies encoded in each Merkaba, thus opening pathways to the divine. Physical Merkabas are patterns expressions of all etheric energy. They play a role in divine unity".

angelic merkaba uses

- Accelerate your spiritual consciousness

- Help connect with the angels and beings of light

- Clear and balance the chakra system

- Create sacred space in a home 

- Use as a complimentary energetic healing modality to Reiki and massage

- They strengthen the energy grid of Mother Earth



     dna ascension spiral - Caduseus coil

- In 2010, Deb was shown to start making the new sacred geometry configuration of the 'DNA Ascension Spiral' or Caduseus Coil

- This was the next spiritual advancement in working with the Angelic Merkaba

- It has 9 spiraling energies of gold and silver around the center column

- This spiral column represents Balance, Oneness and Completion

ascension merkaba  activation class

- In this class, your Lightbody and Angelic Merkaba are activated into the Ascension energies

large angelic merkaba

- This powerful Angelic Merkaba helps awaken human spiritual Ascension consciousness

- When a person stands inside this Angelic Merkaba, they experience being in a 'zero point' energy field

​- This energy field helps to create an experience of remembering yourself as a divine being of light


using the Angelic merkaba for sacred space activation

The Angelic Merkaba was used to activate an interdimensional portal at the ancient ruin site of Chaco Canyon in Arizona


angelic merkaba - a spiritual acceleration device

- MER (light) KA (spirit) BA (body)

- Angelic Merkabas are a gift from the angelic realm to help humanity through the Ascension process

- They are Star Octahedron Sacred Geometry and based upon triangle configuration

- They create sacred space for accelerating your spiritual consciousness




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