is the process of spiritual awakening and enlightenment from the 3D-4D-5D dimensional consciousness levels.

 Angelic Merkaba

is a Sacred Geometry spiritual acceleration device which opens Sacred Space for Ascension awakening. 

 Ascension Activation Class

Transformational 'spiritual acceleration' attunements and techniques to awaken your Ascension process. 

 Want Your Own Angelic Merkaba? 

 I offer 8" and 14" personal Angelic Merkabas.

See 'STORE' to order.



It’s essential to take care of your Mind, Body and Spirit in this profound time of earth and humanities Ascension process. 


But it’s not easy to do it alone. That’s where these new channeled teachings come in. What is offered is Ascension awakening classes to help you transform yourself into a higher dimensional being of light.


Enjoy opening up your multi-dimensional soul to your highest divine potential and possibility. Learn specific techniques and spiritual practices to continually transform your life from 3D, thru 4D, to 5th dimensional consciousness.





Merkaba Ascension Activation Classes:

Level 1-Module 2 Class:

- April 12, 1-3 pm at LovNLit. (cancelled by store owner). Watch website for class rescheduling.

- AMAA Levels 1, 2, 3: July 5-6, Ojai, CA

Other Classes:

Shamanic Pet Healing Class

- March 29, 11am-1pm. 2401 N Hayden Rd, suite #112, Scottsdale, AZ $20

​Earth Healing Class: Protocols, Techniques and Sacred Ceremony

- April 6, 3-6 pm at Papago Park, 625 N Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ. $25

- Teachers: Deb Peterson and Michael Diamond- experienced earth healers

Directions: Galvin Parkway is south of E. McDowell Rd, south on N. Galvin Pkwy past the botanical gardens, turn left at Papago Rd stop light, Phoenix zoo is on the right, head towards Papago Ponds, right towards Hunts Pyramid tomb, ponds on your right, right on Ramada 16 picnic area, first or second parking lot by pond, table is east of pond. Watch for MEETUP signs. Or from hwy 202, take exit 4, going towards the Phoenix zoo, then follow the signs to the ponds picnic area. Call if lost.                     RSVP: Deb 509-262-4685 or Michael 760-420-2788

Call 509-262-4685